Empowering with Innovative Digital Solutions.

TechCarez is committed to creating Tech Solutions for global Sustainable Development. 

About Us


To make contribution to the Global Sustainable Development through innovative tech solutions.


A Socially inclusive, economically prosperous, environmentally sustainable and Well-governed global community. 

We exist to help individuals, families, communities, organizations and governments achieve their dreams and make positive impact in the world.


Gender Equality. Simplicity. Diligence. Excellence. Integrity. Diversity. Team spirit. Open-mindedness

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Our Work

One of our core practices is collaboration. Over the years, we have collaborated as an IT and Strategic partner with many for profits and non-profits on different projects that transformed individuals, families and communities across Africa and the world.

The Team

Clients & Partners

  • LEDI Africa
  • African Creative Hub
  • Treasure Builders Foundation
  • Land of My Birth Initiative
  • Rescue Concept
  • YORCI Africa
  • FeedOne Initiative
  • BERG Living Healthy Foundation
  • Church Re-focus International
  • Healthy Living with BOFA TV
  • Asaph Worship Ministry
  • BBS Consult
  • Tehills Global Consult
  • Oncology Medical Research & Facilities Foundation